Party like Hollywood's finest with a Hollywood-themed party from Vibe. We roll out the red carpet, spark the lights and crank up the volume to give you and your guests an unforgettable, star-studded experience. Our glamorous decor features everything from celebrity statues, visuals from the Golden Age, to tuxedo-clad DJs and a giant Hollywood sign that will make you swear you're in the Hollywood Hills.

Red carpet entrance way
24-foot Hollywood sign
Celebrity statues
Giant martini glasses and feathers
Glitter Balls and Stars
Golden lights
Tuxedo-clad DJs and MC
Crystal white lighted dance stages
Hollywood tickets and posters

Winter is supposed to be chilly, but Vibe's is red hot. We start with icy white decor featuring giant snowflakes, LED lights, glitter balls, icicles, frozen trees and blue and white lighted dance stages. But we don't stop there - not until the whole crowd is covered in simulated snow from our snow machines!

Blue & white LED lights
Blue & white intelligent lights
Frozen trees
Snow Machines
Formal attire for DJs and MC
Blue & white lighted dance stages
Winter tickets and posters

Let Vibe bring the runways of the world to your dance floor with our Paris theme party. Strut your stuff on the raised lighted catwalk, immerse yourself in the Parisian atmosphere with visuals from the City of Love, and gaze upon our piece de resistance - a 12-foot high golden Eiffel Tower.

12-foot Eiffel Tower centerpiece
Full catwalk
Walk-up ramps
Yellow and white lighted dance stages
Black risers to form T-stage
Golden stars
Golden decor room lighting
Tuxedo-clad DJs and MC
Paris tickets and posters

Masquerade theme package

Make your night mysterious with a Vibe Masquerade party. We cloak your venue in black and red decor, featuring a gigantic masquerade mask which looms over the crowd. Invite your guests to dress up in masks and gowns and add another level of elegance to your night.

3-foot Masquerade mask centerpiece
250 small masks for your guests (additional masks available)
Red carpet entrance way
Red velour reception area
Giant martini glasses and features
Crystal flowers
Tuxedo-clad DJs and MC
Crystal white lighted dance stages
Masquerade tickets and posters

Steam up your event with a Jungle theme from Vibe. We start by camouflaging your venue with rainforest trees, giant leaves and jungle mesh, instantly transforming your event into something wild. When your guests come decked out in their own exotic attire, there will be no question: you can't hide from fun.

16-foot large Jungle vine mesh backdrop
4 9-foot Screens with Jungle mesh venue surround
Rainforest trees
4 water columns
Multi-coloured projections
Giant Leaves
Green mirror ball
DJs and MC wearing camouflage
Green, yellow and white lighted dance stages
Jungle tickets and posters

Transport your guests to paradise with Vibe's Tropical Beach Party! With our astounding tropical decor featuring palm trees and light torches, you'll be wishing you packed sunscreen.

Leis for your guests
Coconut trees
Giant leaves
Tiki torches (unlit)
Reed mats
Bamboo panels
Coconut-scented fog
DJs and MCs wearing Hawaiian shirts
Red, yellow and white lighted dance stages
Tropical tickets and posters

Take a trip back in time with Vibe's Disco/Retro/Eighties theme package. Dress up as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Sir Mix A-Lot, the possibilities are endless. We can also create an environment that would be fit for John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever", with a fully illuminated plexiglass dance floor. When it comes to the past there is no limit to how you can kick it!

Giant plexiglass dance floor
Tie-Dye style light pattern on screens around venue
Old Skool dance lighting effects
Neon and UV lighting
Classic mirror balls
Seventies, eighties and nineties tunes - you decide
DJ will be dressed in matching era costumes
Retro tickets and posters

What’s scarier than low-lying fog, DJs decked out in costumes that would make Freddy Krueger’s knees buckle, and a constant stream of classic horror movies? When you’ve got a packed house of ghouls and goblins surrounded by flame bowls, fire projectors, scream visuals and tons of other treats in Vibe’s Scream theme package, it would be scary not to attend. 

Scream video projection
Scream costumes for volunteers
Scream start sequence (requires volunteer participation)
Fire projectors
Flame bowls
Blood red decor lighting
Low-lying fog system
Costumed DJs and MC
Red, yellow and white lighted dance stages
Scream tickets and posters

Vibe's Glitter package is ultra exclusive and absolutely stunning, to match the exquisite attire of your guests! Mirror ball decor combined with our 12x12'crystal white dance system will make your venue shimmer with elegance.

Fibre-optic "crystal" backdrop
Giant crystal white lighted dance stages
Giant glitter balls
4 mini glitter balls
2 glitter & crystal flowers on pillars
Pearl fabric overlays
Black carpet entrance way
Black velvet ropes
White LED entrance path
Glitter tickets and posters

Add some supernatural flare to your night with Vibe's Glow/Blackout package. Our dizzying array of blacklights and complimentary glowsticks will make your white-clad guests even more radiant.

Blacklights and UV Canons
100 purple and white glowsticks
White mirror ball
Purple & white intelligent lights
White & blue lighted dance stages
Optional: 100 glowsticks for $100
Glow tickets and posters

Black & White by Vibe

Experience the perfect combination of elegance and fun with Vibe's Black & White event package. Our exquisite decor features a black carpet entrance way, giant crystal white dance floor, and, of course, a black velour backdrop with thousands of tiny lights that shimmer like the night sky. Dress to the nines for this trés chic event!

Black carpet entrance way
Black velvet ropes
White LED entrance path
Fibre-optic backdrop
Giant crystal white lighted dance stages
2 black video display screens
2 white feather center pieces
Black & White tickets and posters

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